Maintenance method of elevator inverter


About the daily maintenance of the elevator inverter: Now the elevator is controlled by the inverter. When the inverter fails, it will cause inconvenience to many people, and it will also irritate the management personnel. If the inverter is usually maintained, Greatly reduce the failure rate of the inverter. After repairing a large number of elevator inverters, we have summarized several problems that should be paid attention to during normal maintenance:

1, the elevator electrical room temperature can not be too high, otherwise the inverter components are easy to age, equipped with air conditioning, the effect is quite good!

2, to prevent rainwater from getting wet, usually when the typhoon is being blown, the window door is blown by the wind and the inverter is drenched into the rain.

3, lightning protection, this is related to the entire building or the entire community lightning protection facilities, the lightning-damaged inverter is generally seriously damaged.

4. The cooling fan of the inverter should be cleaned regularly, and it should be replaced if it is loud or not running.

5. The abnormal sound of the elevator motor is usually caused by the inverter. If the three-phase current of the motor is unbalanced, it is necessary to repair it. If the inverter does not work, the damage may be serious.

6. If you do not have maintenance experience, do not repair it yourself, and ask professional maintenance personnel to repair it. Doing it yourself will make the inverter worse.