Elevator acceptance and completion conditions


 In the future, the elevator will be part of the overall project and will be accepted together with the entire project. Recently, the Dongguan Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Safety Management of Elevator Installation and Construction in Construction", saying that in order to strengthen the safety management of elevator installation and construction in construction, prevent elevator installation safety accidents and protect people's lives and property. Safety, according to the "Building Law of the People's Republic of China" and the "Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations", Dongguan City Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau will supervise the elevator installation safety at the construction site of the construction in progress.

According to reports, the general contractor of the construction should strictly implement the safety production responsibility of the elevator installation at the construction site. The elevator installation enterprise shall obey the construction production general contractor's safety production management on the construction site, and conclude a contract to clarify their respective safety responsibilities. Before the installation of the elevator, the general contractor shall submit the contract and elevator installation plan signed by both parties to the city construction engineering safety supervision station for the record, and the specific requirements for the record shall be notified separately.

In addition, when the construction unit organizes the completion and acceptance of the project, the elevator as a division project of the overall project shall be checked and accepted together with the entire project. After the acceptance is passed, the relevant information of the elevator branch project will be used as the data for the completion and acceptance of the project, and will be filed with the Dongguan Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau.